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Oculus announces standalone virtual reality headset Oculus Go

Oculus announces standalone virtual reality headset Oculus Go

Besides these, a host of other announcements that the Oculus developers would have interests in, were made. The company also slashed the price of the Oculus Rift and touch controllers, which require a high-end personal computer, from $499 to $399 on Wednesday. The new headset does not need a separate computer to operate, thus offering more mobile uses than the existing Oculus Rift product. That means anyone making a Gear VR app right now will also be able to release it on the Go without issue.

The $200 Oculus Go is said to be super lightweight, with the new fabric used for the facial interface described as soft and breathable.

- It's purpose-built. It can leave out any phone hardware that's unnecessary for VR, better distribute weight, etc.

- It has built-in spatial audio thanks to carefully positioned speakers. The same goes for the controller; you can point at the world around you but not reach into it, much like on Daydream or with Gear VR's new motion controller. That is affordable already since you don't need a premium phone for it to work.

There is no mention of the battery capacity and the Oculus Go doesn't have inside out tracking. That's 3 "degrees of freedom": pitch, yaw, and roll. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience.

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That problem is solved by Oculus's Santa Cruz prototype. This project aims at untethering the Rift headset from the PC. The new standalone device has a self-contained PC so it won't require a beefy desktop or expensive smartphone to tether.

Development kits will ship starting in November. What's more, we should expect serious performance limitations.

Paying $399 for Oculus Rift was nearly nerve-racking for a casual VR user.

"One of the most powerful features of VR is empathy". Someone could easily have bought a good gaming PC in the a year ago but still not have the recommended components to enjoy a virtual reality experience.

Rift is unlike anything you've ever experienced. Here, we present the latest news and everything you need to know about the Oculus Go, including release date rumours, United Kingdom pricing, design and features.

At this year's Oculus Connect show, the company hustled reporters through a quick Santa Cruz demonstration, looking to show that the technology works.

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