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How will admitting girls to some Boy Scouts programs change both organizations?

How will admitting girls to some Boy Scouts programs change both organizations?

After only accepting boys for more than 100 years, Boy Scouts of America is now allowing girls to join the Cub Scouts program. "The values of Scouting - trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind, brave, and reverent, for example - are important for both young men and women".

"This change is a direct result of our families asking for this change", he says. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts share a lot of similar values and activities, yet they differ in some fundamental ways. The Boy Scouts even have several co-ed programs for both boys and girls.

The Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts have been separate entities since both organizations were founded in the early 1900s. On Wednesday, the Boy Scouts of America Board approved allowing girls into its traditionally all-boy Cub Scouts. There is absolutely no need for the Boy Scouts to change who they are to be "inclusive".

But, many on social media did not support the move, including another Eagle Scout, Charlie Kirk. At this time the Boy Scouts are just letting girls in on all the fun the boys' programs provide.

The Girl Scouts organization has a membership of 1.8 million, according to its website.

Farrer also pointed out that the Boy Scout mission statement doesn't specifically say "boys".

As for 10-year-old daughter Aaliyah, she pointed to one of the badges on her Girl Scout vest, the one with Rosie the Riveter on it flexing her muscle.

"There are people who still think of Girl Scouts as campfires, cookies and friendship bracelets-but we are so much more!". The Girl Scouts accused the Boy Scouts of poaching members in order to boost revenue.

The Boy Scouts said it received requests from girls and families to make the change and that research found the programming would be relevant for girls. Write to us in the comments section.

In August, Girl Scouts President Kathy Hannan suggested that the Boy Scouts focus on recruiting what she called the 90 percent of American boys not now in scouting instead of girls.

BSA will announce in 2018 a new opportunity for older girls, BSA said, making the Boy Scout curriculum available to girls ages 11-17 and enabling girls to become Eagle Scouts.

"The boys and girls, the brothers and sisters, all participating together, and everyone's doing everything, the only difference was the boys earned the awards, the girls didn't". "There is an organization for girls".

The Scouts' politically correct moves appear to be taking a toll on membership, as new groups like the Christian-based Trail Life USA have been formed in response to the BSA's liberal shift, while major church bodies like the Mormon Church have pulled away from the BSA.

The National Organization for Women had a mixed response to the Boy Scouts' announcement. "That's one of the reasons, among many, that there will be a separate program for [older] girls".

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