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Nick on 'SNL' cold open

Nick on 'SNL' cold open

So here we have SNL's cold open this week: one fearless mall Santa, fresh from a trip to Panda Express, tries to diplomatically answer a bunch of kids who know too much about politics.

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Let's just say Franken's on the naughty list, which begs the question, is Roy Moore there too?

After coming back from his lunch break, Santa invites Tyler to sit on his lap and tell him what he wants for Christmas. Jessica wonders if President Trump is on the naughty list, to which Santa responds that he'd rather stay out of political matters.

"Earmuffs, earmuffs!" Santa told one of the children.

"I wanted to follow up on Tyler's question", she asks. "Do they hate the troops?" Come on. He's going to win in a landslide and they'll pretend like it just happened overnight, they had nothing to do with it.

"From all the brain injuries?".

'Yes, somehow that's the less sad version, ' Santa replied. Nobody ever says, "Hey this party is cool, but you know who I wish was here?"

Struggling to keep things light and festive, Santa told the little girl he thought everyone could learn a lot from the news. But the little girl had a different takeaway from all of it.

Basically all of these kids are clearly on Twitter 24/7, because they go on to ask about everything from the police brutality protests going on in the National Football League to the opioid crisis to trickle-down economics. Santa exclaims, lamenting his choice to study musical theater.

"Oh my goodness, OK, Jenny, Jenny, listen to me", she says.

The bit ended on a happier note, with McKinnon's character comforting a young girl. "It will be ok", she promises. "Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not for another three years, 42 days and 24 minutes", she says, referencing the remainder of Trump's term as president.

Topics broached went beyond the many men accused of sexual misconduct over the past few months, however: As Santa's visitors noted, there's a divisive tax bill on the verge of passing Congress, an opioid epidemic still ravaging parts of the country, and even child labor abuses happening around the world.

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