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Google is tightening the ship for Android app performance in 2018

Google is tightening the ship for Android app performance in 2018

Android Wear companion app, which is an inevitable app for every Android Wear watches. Many of those won't matter to users until developers get around to adding the proper support, though. The goal there is to "ensure apps are built on the latest APIs optimized for security and performance", although devs will still be allowed to create apps for older Android versions. Google also made the jump to 64-bit app support in 2014 with the arrival of Android Lollipop. The target API level is technically defined as the version of the operating system an app was tested to work with; but in more practical terms, it's used to define a set of behaviors an app expects from the operating system. While Play Services might not be in charge of any visual features, it does make sure that all apps run as they are supposed to. For example, an app can target API 26 (Android 8.1) while having a minimum API of 14 (Android 4.0). Apps that target Nougat tell the phone or tablet they don't trust user-added certificates for secure connections.

Google has planned to fully embrace support for 64-bit apps starting August 2019. From November next year, new updates to existing apps also need to target Oreo. The metadata will provide a guarantee that the app truly did come from the Play Store.

The reason why Play Services is making headlines today is because it received a new APK.

The requirement will apply to new apps in the Play Store from August 2019, in a shift away from 32-bit software.

The other big change comes in 2019.

"For apps that use native libraries, 64-bit code typically offers significantly better performance, with additional registers and new instructions", Google noted on its Android developer blog. In fact, it was only a few months back that we finally saw the Amazon Prime Video app arrive on the Play Store for traditional Android devices.

Well sort of. The thing is you won't be able to download it just yet, as the app doesn't seem to compatible any devices just yet.

"Google Play powers billions of app installs and updates annually", Edward Cunningham, product manager at Android wrote in a post.

"Platform support for 64-bit architectures was introduced in Android 5.0".

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