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Air passenger gets collar felt after wearing his excess baggage

Air passenger gets collar felt after wearing his excess baggage

Ryan Carney Williams, who goes by the name Ryan Hawaii, was due to fly from Keflavik airport on Wednesday when he was refused a boarding pass by British Airways.

The man was barred from two flights in the space of two days.

He also shot a video of himself wearing eight pairs of trousers and 10 shirts with a caption, "Disappointing".

In a video he posted online, Williams said that airline employees told him he'd be able to get on the flight if he put on all his clothes, which he did.

Williams described his ordeal in a series of posts and videos on Twitter, including a screenshot of a direct message exchange with easyjet in which he suggests he might sue the airline and a video post to British Airways in which he suggests he was subject to racial profiling.

"I moved. Continued to film and explain that I was well within my rights".

This British passenger went a step further by wearing all his clothes including eight pairs of pants and 10 shirts.

"The decision to deny boarding was absolutely not based on race". We do not tolerate threatening or abusive behaviour from any customer, and will always take the appropriate action'. His behavior eventually led to him being pepper sprayed and removed from the airport by security.

Faced with a £90 (around R1 500) charge from British Airways for his extra bag of clothing, Ryan Williams thought he had the ideal solution.

On Twitter he wrote: "Being held at Iceland Keflavik airport because I had no baggage put all the clothes on and they still won't let me on".

He was prevented from getting on his British Airways flight and was then arrested by police.

The ordeal did not end there, with Williams turned away from a fight with EasyJet the following day.

Two security guards in high-vis jackets can be seen approaching him as he asks: "Why can't I get on this flight?"

Mr Williams arrived back in England after boarding a Norwegian airline flight.

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