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Google's Project Fi cell phone service adds Bill Protection unlimited data feature

Google's Project Fi cell phone service adds Bill Protection unlimited data feature

Indeed, according to Google, less than one percent of Project Fi subscribers use more than 15GB of data in a given month. Here's how much it costs.

Project Fi charges $20 for unlimited texting and calling in the USA, with data costing $10 per GB. It's offering a new model, dubbed Bill Protection, where if you use more than 6GB of data in a month, your total bill charge won't be more than $80 a month. That's flawless if you commonly go over what you set out to use in your data plan.

While Google's service is far from flawless, its ability to intelligently switch between one million trustworthy Wi-Fi hotspots and three 4G cellular networks (depending on which one has the strongest signal in a given area) has given it a bit of an edge over its competition.

Back in August 2016, T-Mobile announced its unlimited ONE plan, starting a trend that caused all major US carriers to jump on the unlimited bandwagon. So if you use only 1.6GB of data in a month, you'll pay $34 for that data usage. And Jung said that users can continue to pay per GB if they don't wish to have their speeds slowed. You'll still want to consider one of the incumbent networks if you hate the very thought of guaranteed throttling, but you don't have to turn to them if you're more interested in keeping costs down than ensuring full performance.

You can avoid getting throttled by opting out of Bill Protection and paying the standard 10GB a month for each gigbyte you use, but that only seems necessary if you're a heavy data user month-in and month-out.

There's a lot to like in this new Project Fi plan.

With Bill Protection, Project Fi is once again competitive with major carriers, but there are still a few downsides. After the 6GB threshold, users will not be charged for any further full-speed data usage - be it downloads, uploads or hotspot usage - the rest of the billing cycle if they choose so. Here's a snapshot of the pricing breakdown that Google has put in place for Bill Protection.

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