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Nintendo Planning To Reveal A 'New Interactive Experience' Later Today For Switch?

Nintendo Planning To Reveal A 'New Interactive Experience' Later Today For Switch?

Nintendo Labo kits are essentially pre-cut cardboard allowing players to construct various items and use their Switch to power-up and play games with.

The idea of Nintendo Labo itself isn't that revolutionary, it really just seems like a logical step forward from the Toys to Life genre that's now a virtual graveyard of games like Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions. The Variety Kit will have two RC Cars, one fishing rod, one house, one motorbike and a piano. Internet scuttlebutt suggests the Switch may see a new accessory unveiled alongside the initiative - but it feels like, for once, Nintendo has kept the finer details of its plans fully under wraps. When the Joy-Cons are inserted into the RC Car, their HD rumble sensors get the cardboard vehicle to move around.

The motorbike has a rotating, function throttle; while the RC auto is driven around by the movement from the HD Rumble motors. The right Joy-Con's motion IR camera reads the back of each key in order to tell the piano which note to play. Each contraption is made out of cardboard and string, and transforms into a digitally augmented toy when you slot Joy-Con controllers and the Switch screen into it. Pressing the ignition button starts the engine, twisting the right handle activates the throttle, and leaning your body or turning the handlebars left and right controls the motorbike. You can even insert different assembled knobs to create new sound effects and tones!

Both packages will be available on April 20, with the variety pack available for $69.99 and the robot pack retailing for $79.99. The Joy-Cons are used to control the arms and legs of the Robot which strap to a backpack the user wears.

SMRPG is an episodic JRPG adventure game where you take on the role of Marty and head out into the wilds of high-school along with your special powers.

Nintendo's reputation for being unpredictable has been taken to new heights with a new system of DIY carboard peripherals called Nintendo Labo.

When Is The Nintendo Labo Available In Australia?

Also, later today Nintendo will be revealing a "New Way to Play".

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