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Rumor: Forza Horizon developer Playground to work on new Fable title

Rumor: Forza Horizon developer Playground to work on new Fable title

Eurogamer spoke to some people who worked on Fable at Lionhead, who naturally must be feeling a little bleak over this news.

The report says that the new Fable will be a "character-focused, open-world action RPG". The decision seemed to signify Microsoft's move away from single-player, story-focused games, but a new report suggests the company has chose to change direction once again with a full-fledged fourth Fable game.

While Fable Legends assets were backed up when Lionhead shut down, Playground is expected to be starting from scratch, with the hope of capitalizing on its previous open-world RPG expertise in Forza. The reason? Apparently Microsoft couldn't fail to notice the success Sony had with Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrilla Games and decided Fable could provide a similar experience for Xbox owners if handled correctly.

Our very first sign that the Fable franchise would one day return came from Xbox's own Phil Spencer. Carter states that Playground has a lot of work ahead of them but they are definitely talented enough to "do a fantastic job". An official announcement of the game is not expected anytime soon. However, each of these studios has predominantly focused on developing racing games, so Playground Games is an intriguing choice to oversee Fable 4. That title was a free-to-play service-based project, with an emphasis on multiplayer.

You may remember a report we ran a while back about the future of Fable, and which Microsoft team might possibly be responsible for bringing the series back from its untimely grave. We do know, however, that Playground is a 200-employee strong developer with two offices.

Microsoft refused to comment on the report. Though the title had looked rough in early demonstrations, it showed signs of improvement, and we're crossing our fingers that it's eventually revived, as well. The successors, Fable 2 and Fable 3, were also well received but, again, failed to live up to the hype generated ahead of the release. So, basically, it's going to be a Fable game.

After years of quiet, Fable fans are getting excited.

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