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Two Point Hospital Announced, Coming Fall 2018

Two Point Hospital Announced, Coming Fall 2018

Comprised of many folks who previous worked on the original Theme Hospital, the game aims to return you back to your glory days of running a hospital with some of the goofiest maladies to ever grace humankind.

Players will be able to design and customise their own hospitals, hire staff (who require their own management), and do whatever it takes to treat some totally freakish cases and illnesses.

Sega is making an announcement today, after several teases on social media, and it could be a spiritual successor to Theme Park, if rumours are to be believed.

The game will have the same quirky tone of Theme Hospital - with diseases like Light Headedness, Slack Tongue, and King Complex - but according to Two Point Studios, it will very much be its own thing. As soon as you see the video and the game graphics samples you will be struck by the familiar Theme Hospital look and feel and knowing touches.

Although it will be predominantly a single-player experience, Two Point is also said to have some multiplayer elements in the end game, where you can compete with other hospitals.

Two Point Hospital isn't just about treating lightbulbs, it involves managing a hospital and taking care of patients with freakish ailments.

The new game is being developed by the independent studio Two Point Studios, which was set up by game developers Mark Webley and Gary Carr.

Two Point Studios' game isn't the only hospital management sim on the horizon though.

Both Two Point Hospital and Project Hospital are slated to hit Steam sometime in 2018. They previously played a key role at Bullfrog, the company responsible for the Theme Hospital published in 1997.

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