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Rare fixes "Too Early" issue affecting Sea of Thieves beta gamers

Rare fixes

To conclude the beta period, servers are now scheduled to shut off at 3 a.m. ET (12 a.m. PT / 8 a.m. United Kingdom time) on January 29.

Probably due to the big amount of players logging in as soon as the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta started, some of them got locked out, getting a "Too Early" message. We'll update this story with any further developments. But Microsoft essentially sold access to the beta by giving it to anyone who preorders Sea of Thieves. The beta is going on now for select Xbox One and PC players, but it appears many are currently having issues accessing it.

Download the Xbox Insider Hub for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. If you have access to the closed beta, you can now play it for two additional days.

A short trailer promoting the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta has been embedded above. However, users reported problems downloading Sea of Thieves and are experiencing an error message, as seen in the IGN screenshot below. Rare has promised that a fix for this issue will be added to the game in a few hours. Whether you're trying to download Sea of Thieves on PC or Xbox One, we've got you covered. We are now investigating on behalf of those players still receiving this error message and we will update this page in due course.

Rare's upcoming multiplayer pirate adventure Sea of Thieves has always looked promising, but the game's success is dependent on it actually, y'know, working. That said, not everybody who got to play the beta are happy - some are complaining that it lacks content compared to earlier alpha releases.

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