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"Super Blue Blood Moon" Will Occur After 150 Years, Witness History Tomorrow

That means that tomorrow's display is actually a Super Blue Blood Moon.

By no stretch of the definition is a full moon rare. Just use your eyes and make sure you look at as much of the sky as you can. The penumbra slightly darkens the Moon, though only a little. Click on the image for a larger version. "The red moon occurs every time there is a lunar eclipse".

The Moon will enter the outer part of Earth's shadow at 5:51 a.m. EST, but it reportedly won't be all that noticeable. It also will be a ruddy color because of a lunar eclipse. Viewers from eastern Asia through the Pacific to western North America will be in the moon's path of totality.

"Put all those things together and you have this special trifecta, this special trifecta of events that reminds us how unique the moon is and reminds us to keep studying it", Garvin said. You can imagine those clouds covering the Great Lakes and Ohio River Valley regions by morning.

NASA scientists say the way the moon's surface responds during the eclipse can provide insights about where to land a rover for a future mission. "We are installing a larger telescope as well as a number of personal telescopes so that more people can go and see it", explains Chintan Joshi, a space guide at the planetarium. Visible supermoons appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than full moons that occur at the farthest point in the moon's orbit. Most folks won't notice the difference, however. January's first full moon occurred Jan. 1. Blue moon refers to the second full moon in a single calendar month.

An actual blue moon appears only under very specific atmospheric conditions, meaning it's an earthly event rather than a lunar one.

Tomorrow's moon will delight the northern hemisphere and parts of Asia with three astrological events: a total lunar eclipse, a blue moon and an nearly super moon. So you won't have to wait as long as you did after the 2015 lunar eclipse. As the Milky Way "disappears", watch the red Blood Moon at full lunar eclipse phase setting in the west. It hurt than normal about 33% brighter and he gets to see that already this morning.

"None of the events are rare in themselves". Tuesday's storm system will be clearing out but patchy cloud cover will remain during the lunar eclipse.

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