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Apple confirms HomePod may leave unsightly marks on wood

Apple confirms HomePod may leave unsightly marks on wood

Not all reviewers were fans of Apple's HomePod smart speaker when it launched last week, mainly due to its high price and the way it locks users into the Cupertino company's ecosystem.

Wirecutter and Pocket-Lint weren't so lucky, though, with the latter noting that while the mark had faded some days later, it hasn't completely disappeared.

Product review and recommendation site Wirecutter published a review on Wednesday saying the HomePod left a white circle on a wooden surface, the reviewer warned not to put the device on nice or expensive wooden furniture. In what is being called #ringgate, a number of Apple customers are reporting the Siri-enabled smart speaker causes unsightly marks when placed on treated wood.

We'll update this article with additional details shortly. This will be important if you need to reset your HomePod without access to the Wi-Fi network it already knows, or if you need to set it up with a different iPhone or iPad.

However, after launching in January, several complaints from consumers, including photos, started appearing in support groups and blogs, showing the damage the Homepod has done to their wooden surfaces.

Apple confirms HomePod may leave unsightly marks on wood

Some who have bought the new $349 speaker say while the device has a small footprint on a table or shelf, it also leaves a footprint - in the form of a white ring - on some wooden furniture.

KitGuru Says: Unfortunately, as decorative as smart speakers can be, it's wise to be tired on how you will display it in your home so as to avoid destroying furniture. If not, wiping the surface gently with a soft damp or dry cloth may remove the marks. However, long-time Apple commentator David Pogue made a decision to do a blind listening test with a panel of listeners with the HomePod evenly matched against the Google Home Max, the Sonos One and the Amazon Echo Plus.

Apple says if you move the speaker, the marks will often "go away" after a few days.

Still, it's far from ideal for the HomePod to literally leave its mark on the table or entertainment center that a person decides to place it on. In the case that the white rings don't fade, Apple recommends "cleaning the surface with the manufacturer's suggested oiling method".

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