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NBA All-Star Saturday 2018 results, winners: Dunk, 3-Point and Skills

Interestingly enough, the OddsShark NBA Database shows that the Cavaliers are 0-6 straight-up and against the spread since January 2016 when favored by four or fewer points in regular-season home games.

His name may be Dennis Smith Jr. but, he is not the son of former National Basketball Association player Dennis Smith.

Nance Jr. achieved a ideal 50 on his final dunk, throwing the ball off the backboard, then catching it in midair and throwing it off the backboard again before throwing it down-the type of dunk you need to see in slow motion to truly appreciate.

Meanwhile, Mitchell had come up with a dazzling dunk on his first try.

He got a 50 for this dunk despite missing twice before he actually got the attempt down.

To close out the show, Donovan Mitchell won by copying Vince Carter's famous "its over" dunk in 2000, where he goes almost 360 (it was actually about 320 though) and dunks it going away from the hoop.

This year's contest should be a fun one, with many athletic stars performing and showing the fans their skills.

Now that Nance is playing for his hometown team, the team that his father played for, he could also bust out the Larry Nance Sr. orange throwback.

With the talent and impressive play Mitchell has displayed so far this season, it's safe to say the rookie certainly has the ability to take over All-Star Weekend.

Dennis Smith Jr. had a shaky start in his first dunk, but he immediately made up for it with a ideal score for his 360 between-the-legs slam that gave him the 3rd place finish. "I feel great", he said. "That's what I want to be doing next year, playing in the All-Star Game".

"It was obviously a big moment for my family, something I'll cherish forever", he said.

Mitchell edged Cleveland's Larry Nance Jr.by two points, sealing his victory with a close approximation of the 360-degree spin dunk that Vince Carter used to win in 2000.

Donovan Mitchell tosses the ball off a lower basket, catches it and finishes with a powerful one-handed, windmill dunk.

Afterword, we weren't treated to Magic Johnson or Charles Barkley falsely exclaiming that "the Dunk Contest is back!" on TNT's broadcast as had been the case in years past.

"But I got this summer". The trio all had some tie to Los Angeles and they all created a buzz at Staples Center on All-Star Saturday. He lobbed the ball to himself on the glass, then tipped it a second time above the rim and dunked on the second effort.

Because the second tap was hard and perhaps impossible to see live, Nance had to point to the video screen for fans to watch the replay.

Smith slipped the ball between his legs from right hand to left and then rammed it home.

Brooklyn's Spencer Dinwiddie, a former "G" Leaguer won the Taco Bell Skills Challenge - an obstacle course of dribbling, passing, layups and 3s.

Every year during NBA All Star Weekend, you get the sports fans who fall in love with the Dunk Contest or enjoy seeing the best athletes in any sport compete on the same court or they just appreciate the pageantry that All Star Weekend brings.

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