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Pope U-turn in priest sex abuse case

Pope U-turn in priest sex abuse case

"I feel that I was heard... it was very intense and very detailed and very, sometimes, eye-opening for them", Cruz said, as cited by Reuters.

"Hopefully it will lead to good things", he said.

Francis tasked Archbishop Charles Scicluna with the fact-finding mission into Bishop Juan Barros after he was criticised in Chile for defending Barros and calling the victims' cover-up accusations against him slander. "He cried", Mr Cruz, who was born in Chile but now lives in Philadelphia, said. "'I think it is good to talk with Monsignor Scicluna, because it is apart from the bad Chilean cardinals (Francisco Javier) Errázuriz and (Ricardo) Ezzati", he noted. "Covering up abuse is an abuse in itself". He was crying... it wasn't an act...

The second wish, he said, concerned young people, adding that they needed to be accompanied with trust and patience.

Scicluna declined to comment on the details of the testimony.

But by March of previous year, Ms Collins had resigned, citing the "unacceptable" resistance to the commission from within the Vatican, and in particular the office tasked with investigating sex abuse cases. Karadima always denied the allegations.

The seven members who were re-appointed are: Jesuit Father Hans Zollner, director of the Center for Child Protection at Rome's Pontifical Gregorian University; Gabriel Dy-Liacco, a psychotherapist from the Philippines; Auxiliary Bishop Luis Manuel Ali Herrera of Bogota, Colombia; Hannah Suchocka, professor of law and former prime minister of Poland; Sister of Charity Kayula Lesa of Zambia, who has worked with refugees and in the prevention of human trafficking; Precious Blood Sister Hermenegild Makoro, secretary-general of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference; and Msgr.

Francis has said he overruled the recommendation and rejected Barros' resignation twice because he had no evidence of Barros' wrongdoing.

"For the first time I feel they are listening to us", Juan Carlos Cruz, a victim of priest Fernando Karadima, told reporters in NY after a meeting that lasted about an hour and a half with Archbishop Charles Scicluna in a Manhattan church.

He has vetoed a proposal from Chilean church leaders that Barros, and two other priests trained by Karadima, resign and take a year-long sabbatical.

Scicluna will travel to Chile on Tuesday to continue his investigation of Barros there. Scicluna and Cruz will meet on Saturday morning in a church in NY, the Chilean victim told Radio Cooperativa.

But days later, he appointed the Church's most experienced sexual abuse investigator to look into the accusations that Bishop Juan Barros had covered up crimes against minors.

According to him, it is one step removed from sainthood.

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