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Possible blood test for Autism

Possible blood test for Autism

Scientists have found a link between autism and a set of proteins in the blood.

Under normal circumstances, the blood test to detect autism should be 90% accurate. For this reason, it is usually referred to as autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Autism is a condition that affects behavior, specifically social interaction. The wide spectrum of behavioral problems include difficulty communicating and interacting with others, repetitive behaviors and limited interests or activities. This is why a direct, objective physical test would be extremely useful. Blood and urine samples were taken from all of them.

The tests themselves rely on differentiating chemical properties from the subjects using Artificial Intelligence, Futurism notes.

"Our test is expected to improve the accuracy of ASD diagnosis from 60-70 percent now achieved by experts in neurological disorders to approximately 90 percent accuracy and potentially offered at all well-equipped hospitals with or without high level expertise in neurological disorders", Rabbani told Gizmodo.

Working with colleagues at the University of Bologna, Italy, the Warwick scientists looked at data from 38 children aged between 5 and 12 who had been diagnosed with ASD.

Their test, which delivers a result within four hours, is believed to pick up damage in the blood that mirrors brain problems linked to autistic symptoms.

"The test is based on an optimum combination of markers of damage to protein in blood plasma".

This research has confirmed the previously hypothesized belief that mutations of amino acid transporters are a genetic variant associated with ASD.

The test could be offered at well-equipped hospitals which do not already have high level expertise in neurological disorders, she said.

"We hope the tests will also reveal new causative factors", Rabani added in a statement.

"With further testing we may reveal specific plasma and urinary profiles or "fingerprints" of compounds with damaging modifications,", Reader of Experimental Systems Biology at the University of Warwick and the research team's lead.

James Cusack, director of science at the United Kingdom autism research charity Autistica, said, "This study may give us clues about why autistic people are different but it does not provide a new method for diagnosis".

It is nearly 90 percent accurate and could be available to doctors within a year, scientists at the University of Warwick say.

"This study does not disclose to us how successfully this measure can separate amongst autism and other neurodevelopmental or emotional well-being conditions, for example, ADHD and tension". The beauty of this approach is that you don't even need to know exactly what you're detecting, you just find enough differences, and that's enough to successfully predict incidence.

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