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Armenia ranked 107th in Corruption Perceptions index 2017

Armenia ranked 107th in Corruption Perceptions index 2017

Of the European Union countries, only Hungary and Bulgaria are behind Romania in this ranking.

In 2016, Malaysia ranked 55th out of 176 countries.

In 2014, India's right wing Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) came to power riding an anti-corruption wave promising to increase accountability. The UAE has improved its rank due to good and efficient management of public finances, improved public procurement, and better access to public services and infrastructure. India's rank has fallen two notches to 81 in 2017 from 79 in 2016.

However, the survey found that perceptions of corruption in the region generally had not changed drastically, emphasizing that there are still "no overarching policies in place to address the historic and structural causes of corruption throughout the region". While no country scores 100, meaning that they are completely clean from corruption, more than two thirds of countries scored below 50 on the index, with an average score of 43. Of the other Brics nations, Russian Federation was at the 135th place with a score of 29 while South Africa was 71st, having dropped seven places from 2016.

According to TI's analysis, corruption levels around the world are linked to declining freedom of expression.

India's former prime minister Manomhan Singh, known as one of the cleanest politicians in the country, was questioned by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and later summoned by court in the coal scandal in 2015.

The report clubbed India with the Philippines and the Maldives as the worst nations in the Asia Pacific in this respect. South Asia still suffers from high corruption.

The report cites reports compiled by the Committee to Protect Journalists, which gives a list of journalists killed in various countries since 1992. Journalist and social activist Gauri Lankesh's murder in Bengaluru in September 2017 had triggered countrywide protests.

The 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index measures corruption through examining perceptions of experts and business executives on how well countries secure the rights of individuals and press to freedom of expression, governmental and commercial transparency, and protection of civil society organizations.

This year's Corruption Perceptions Index, issued by Transparency International, highlighted that the majority of countries made little or no progress in ending corruption.

New Zealand has been ranked the least corrupt country and Somalia the worst.

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