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Olympic Half-Pipe Hero Doesn't Know How To Do Any Tricks

Olympic Half-Pipe Hero Doesn't Know How To Do Any Tricks

"But I worked really for several years to achieve this", she said.

Liz Swaney deserves kudos for dedication. No telling curl of the lips. It seemed like she genuinely meant it too.

In December, she finished 13th out of 15 competitors in a competition in China while most of the world's best were in a more high profile contest elsewhere.

While three fellow American citizens placed among the top six qualifiers, the 33-year-old Swaney placed dead last while competing for Hungary and won't participate in Tuesday's final.

Halfpipe is judged on a 100-point scale.

"Swaney here, not having the difficulty or the amplitude here on this run; unfortunately just a little small and not grabbing her tricks."

She was eligible for the Olympics due to the fact she essentially found a loophole that allowed her to take a spot on the Hungary team, which didn't fill all of its skiing quota spots for the 2018 winter games.

Born and raised in the United States, the skier earned an Olympics spot by representing Hungary.

Which leads us to her iconic and confusing Olympic run, where she basically just skied down the halfpipe. "Maybe perhaps I'm the bridge to those who want to get started. and I want to show people that, yeah, it's possible to get involved in freestyle skiing through a variety of backgrounds".

The Games have long trafficked in the soft-focus narrative of plucky dreamers with no shot.

Plucky underdogs like Eddie the Eagle, a bespectacled daredevil flinging himself off the ski jump, and Eric the Eel, flailing desperately to stay above water at the Olympic pool, aren't that charming anymore.

Truly, an inspiring Olympic story for the ages. Kim represented Korea's first foray into the sport.

To be fair, Elizabeth Swaney is not bad at skiing.

Swaney said she will reflect on her Olympic experience before deciding on her future.

I say she used ambition, hustle, and grit (and yes, she revealed some absurdity in the process).

"No, she's part of the game". Yet she kept at it. Keeping at it is kind of her thing. The answer, or at least how to frame it, lies in the eye of the beholder. She swears this isn't a publicity stunt. In a competition stocked to the brim with eye-popping athletic feats, Swaney's mild back-and-forth turns across the halfpipe stood out. Not for her spins or big air.

But even if she genuinely was bummed she didn't advance, Swaney already accomplished a lot by getting to the Olympics in the first place.

That wasn't because of Swaney's remarkable run or scary fall. As Lady Gaga blared over the speakers, the crowd watched in silence for sparse applause at the end. And while you see women doing all kinds of freakish tricks that sound like Star Trek spaceships - for instance, cork 1080 - she's seemingly average in comparison.

She didn't clear the lip of the halfpipe. Still, it leads to the inevitable question: should she be?

"I'm a pretty open-minded person, " said France's Marie Martinod, a silver medallist in halfpipe in Sochi four years ago.

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