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Donald Trump thinks 'a rating system' is needed for movies

Donald Trump thinks 'a rating system' is needed for movies

President Trump, weighing in on the ongoing conversation about gun violence in America, suggested laying the blame partly at the feet of pop culture today, citing violent movies and video games as possible causes of the problem.

Very recently President Donald Trump met with the state and local officials on school safety at the White House and he has shared his thoughts on the recent violent culture that is emerging.

The meeting was held the week after a school shooting in Florida in which 17 people died.

"You see these movies, they're so violent, and yet, a kid is able to see the movie if sex isn't involved", said Trump.

"My friends and I have been playing video games our whole lives, and seen, of course, violent movies, but never have we ever felt driven or provoked by those action in those games to do something as disgusting as this", Samuel Zeif told Wolf Blitzer.

Movies have received age-restricting ratings in the US since the 1930s, with the current ratings system from the Motion Picture Association of America being implemented in the '60s and followed by the two major theater and movie distributing groups in the U.S. The same movies and video games are watched and played in other countries and they don't have close to the amount of gun violence as the United States.

In response Ethan Gach, a reporter at video games news site Kotaku, said video games were often blamed in the wake of mass shootings in the US.

"It's been going on for as long as there's been video games: all the way back to the 70s and 80s with Death Race and Berzerk; even Space Invaders", said Patterson.

There are now rating systems for both movies and video games.

This isn't the first time he's pointed a finger at violent video games.

He said: "The reason this matters, the reason why blaming games for such bad tragedies against all reasonable proof is so horrifically serious, is it distracts us from identifying and addressing the real causes. So it's just, it's pathetic". The Motion Picture Association of America has a rating system that's used at movie theaters nationwide.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Donald Trump says he believes video games are having a negative impact on the nation's youth-and suggested "something" needed to be done about them. "But killing is involved".

The MPAA has taken plenty of flak over the years for its rating system.

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