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Omarosa: Leaving White House like being 'freed off a plantation'

Omarosa: Leaving White House like being 'freed off a plantation'

The first (Can we pray, the last?) celebrity edition of "Big Brother" came to an end Sunday night and a victor was crowned.

On "Celebrity Big Brother", Newman claimed that she is ready to tell the world what is really going on at the White House with Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

After weeks of competition, the first season of Celebrity Big Brother saw season-long allies and besties Marissa Jaret Winokur and Ross Mathews make it to the final two and face the jury of evicted houseguests.

In last night's (February 24) show, Ross won the Head of Household competition, and chose to put some of his biggest competition for the win - Omarosa and Ariadna up on the block. We started the night with only five celebrities left in stock, and in pretty short order we sold out of three of them.

BIG BROTHER: CELEBRITY EDITION - 2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. Manigault did not participate because she was the most recent HOH victor. Like, I'm going up against a kazillionaire, so I'll probably end up in court.

Who did YOU want to win CBB this season? Back in December when she resigned, Omarosa, 44, told Michael Strahan during a contentious interview on "Good Morning America", "I've seen things that made me uncomfortable, that upset me, that affected me deeply and emotionally, that affected my community and my people. Nobody knows what I went through", Manigault Newman said. She left 11 months later. He'd played his houseguests beautifully from day one, and now he'd convinced both Mark and Ariadna that he would do all he could to take them to the final two if he got there. Other than that, I played the only game I could play. Nobody was more aware of what was going on in the "Big Brother" house than Ross Matthews, and more importantly he knew what was going on outside of it as well, with the jury. "I did not expect that, '" Chen said.

When Glanville doubled down, explaining that Trump "seemed to like" Omarosa "so much", the former "Apprentice" villain had a quick comeback: "I'm just ratings gold".

However, two of the players broke the biggest rule: you aren't supposed to quit the game and Keshia and Metta found a loophole and did. His best move at this time is to continue to win challenges and finally choose a side to align. Had he been doing better in the game, I'm not so sure if he would have been so quick to run away. Let us know in the poll below!

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