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The Walking Dead Season 8: "Very Big" Finale Teased

The Walking Dead Season 8:

While Rick's gang decides to bug out, Rick and Michonne vow to stay with Carl. Michonne's happy. Judith is older. This midseason premiere is all about saying goodbye to Carl, with a whole lot of scenes consisting of his father Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and basically-stepmom Michonne (Danai Gurira) crying by his side while he ties up loose ends. "Sometimes kids gotta show their parents the way", he says, before giving her his dad's hat.

"You be good, okay?" he told Judith. And they just killed one of their stars. "What Carl says to [Rick], he says to Michonne too", he said.

Next, let's reveal how the Saviors escaped from the Sanctuary through the walker heard (and how Morgan gets away, too). It means he's sparing them from the exact same thing that he had to do with Lori - which completely changed him by him having to be the one that pulled the trigger. While the entire episode centers around Carl telling Rick he can't just kill every single Savior if he wants there to be anything left for after, it feels like a huge disconnect to have the leader who orchestrated the deaths of Rick's friends just casually wandering about.

Rick and Michonne carried Carl out of the sewer and up to the remains of Alexandria's church. The phrase was first uttered in the season eight premiere, in the form of newcomer Siddiq (Avi Nash) trying to establish peace with then-hopeful new ally Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs), and since then the tense relationship between mercy and wrath has been at the forefront of Walking Dead throughout "All-Out War", the name of the action-packed arc from Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's comics on which season eight is largely based.

However, despite being on a killing spree, it seemed as though Morgan was going to spare Gavin's life. The focus on Carl dying, with the Tinkly Piano Of Sadness felt a little overdrawn, even as the scenes of a scared, defeated Alexandria crowd hiding in the tunnels as their home imploded above them were effective, in a London-in-the-Blitz style. But before he moves, young Henry runs the guy through the neck from behind, stunning the others. Do you really think that Carl would ever advocate for the sparing of Negan, to incorporate him into some future idyllic society? But I have. Everybody living, helping everybody else live. "That's how it could be". I'm sure other productions will take note and we'll be seeing more of him in his post-Walking Dead future. The movie will co-star Freida Pinto, and Leslie Odom, Jr., who you definitely know best from SMASH, and not from any other musical project. "A father's job is to protect his son".

"Love", Carl corrects. "It's just to love".

In a conference call a few days before Sunday's episode, Riggs gave his response to the intense fan reaction and his thoughts on his character's impending death.

Carl reached for the pistol he had in his hip holster. "I have to do this", he says.

If you do love Rick, you should take some solace in this simple fact: The character is not leaving The Walking Dead in the near future. That's what the old man Rick sequence turned out to be.

Still, for the Maggie fans holding out hope, showrunner Scott Gimple says her swan song hasn't been written yet.

The episode also included the return of the hazy future visions and Old Man Rick-except the visions came with a twist. The biggest head-scratcher of the episode, however, came in the final moments, as a paled and drained Rick sat beneath the tree of stained glass, seemingly bleeding to death from a stomach/side wound.

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