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Labor case goes in front of Supreme Court

Labor case goes in front of Supreme Court

The group was protesting a Supreme Court case that could potentially dismantle union protections.

Pro-union speakers said they are not confident of a victory at the Supreme Court, which is ruled by a conservative majority of five justices.

"What it effectively does is allow for people to freeload off the system", she said.

Every month, part of my paycheck goes to the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

"It's been awful public policy".

At issue is the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act, which gave most government workers the legal right to engage in collective bargaining in 1984. More generally, though, the conservative Gorsuch's originalist views suggest he may be skeptical of the union's side of the case.

"This is changing law that has been established law for 41 years", Hebert said.

Because, as Justice Sonia Sotomayor suggested, the people behind Janus v. AFSCME "are basically arguing, do away with unions".

Janus doesn't want to be forced to pay for something he doesn't agree with.

"The fundamental issue is my right to choice", Janus said Monday. Janus was required to pay a "fair share" or "agency" fee to the labor union, which is a private organization, which the Abood case and government policy says has the exclusive ability to represent him in his labor negotiations.

The Freedom Foundation counsel echoed the concerns of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who warned against the very idea of public sector unions.

Since 1977, the Supreme Court has held that public employees who don't want to join a union can't be charged union dues - but state and local governments may require them to contribute a lesser fee toward contract-related costs.

Because President Donald Trump appointed Gorsuch, union members are anxious that the court will rule against them. However, Justice Scalia's death between the date of the oral argument and the decision meant that the Court ended up with a 4-4 tie. "I don't care what (the Supreme Court justices) say, you're going to be represented".

Gorsuch, President Donald Trump's appointee to fill Scalia's seat, has been seen as providing the fifth vote for the conservatives, but he was uncharacteristically quiet during Monday's argument.

Unions say they are entitled to the fees because they're negotiating on behalf of all public workers - even those who don't choose to join, but who nonetheless benefit from the pay and benefits the unions win. There is a direct correlation, she said, between her union's ability to negotiate and what happens in OH classrooms.

"When you compel somebody to speak, don't you infringe that person's dignity?" he asked.

Cropper pointed to a report from the national publication Education Week to prove her point. The experience in other states which have opted for right-to-work status has been dramatic.

"5-4 in favor of the plaintiff and against the union", Napolitano said.

Liberal Justice Elana Kagan stressed how disruptive a ruling against the unions would be, leading to thousands of labor contracts being renegotiated and striking down laws in more than 20 states.

Neal noted the decision in the Janus case is "more of a state and local issue than a federal issue", because the fees at issue here aren't paid by unionized feds.

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