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Get ready to spring forward as daylight saving time begins Sunday

Get ready to spring forward as daylight saving time begins Sunday

Floridians might not have to, ever again.

Daylight saving time may not be the one holiday you're most looking forward to, but this year the holiday celebrates its 100th year.

Lawmakers in Florida are exhausted of the whole "fall back" and "spring forward" rigamarole.

But do you know the one thing almost all Florida lawmakers agree on?

Nowadays, much effort is not required in changing clocks as in the US smartphones, computers and digital clocks all "spring forward" on their own.

"I've heard from mayors across the state that it's going to save them money because they don't have to light their softball fields at night", Florida state Sen. Time reports that you could use daylight saving time to help reboot sleeping habits.

Busker Will Soto walks a tightrope at the sunset celebration in Key West Florida
Busker Will Soto walks a tightrope at the sunset celebration in Key West Florida

In order for Daylight Saving to become permanent in Florida, the law will need a signature from Governor Rick Scott. During World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt revived the idea and instituted year-round DST, known as "War Time".

Daylight time runs from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November and is set to start this Sunday and end Nov. 4. The idea was universally disliked and roundly rejected.

Daylight Savings Time actually started in Europe during World War I as a way to economize fuel usage. Some states kept it, and some counties in some states kept it. Two other states, Hawaii and Arizona, have similar exemptions.

Arizona and MI originally opted out, but MI later joined in 1972.

U.S. Territories: Because of their location, a handful of U.S. territories have followed Hawaii's "we-already-have-plenty-of-sunshine" example and don't observe daylight saving time - Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, per Time. They get enough sunshine, and the added hour of light in the summertime isn't seen as a plus. However, it seems to be ineffective nowadays. There's also been a push in recent years to do away with it in California.

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