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God of War review: is this the best game of the year?

God of War review: is this the best game of the year?

Nowhere is this illustrated better than in a video by God of War's Game Director Cory Barlog. A gamer who, upon playing the latest God of War game, realises that Kratos is his proverbial "spirit animal".

By the end of God of War 3, Kratos had slaughtered his way through the Greek pantheon and we now find him escaped to the land of Midgard, the legendary setting of Norse mythology. Come back when you've hit that soft ending (you'll know it when you get there) and we'll guide you through to the true ending.

Not only that, he is now joined by his son Atreus, and as a result the game's narrative is split between the heavy combat scenes it's known for, and Kratos' struggle to embrace and accept his role as a father. With so many backstory to find out, I highly recommend you search every corner of the map and see what Atreus, Mimir, or even Kratos has to say. This year, if nothing that comes even remotely close to the excellence that is God of War is released, the PlayStation 4 exclusive pretty much has this in the bag. Voiced by Alastair Duncan, who has plenty of voice acting experience, including most recently in the role of Celebrimbor in Shadow of War, Mimir adds to the lore, telling stories to Atreus, and acts as a guide for Kratos throughout the campaign. Found ciphers needed to unlock new locations. I was more fond of button mashers and games that let me use buffs and boosters to protect my character and overcompensate for my refusal to otherwise defend myself. Each skill obtained typically increases your combat options by modifying axe throws, giving more depth and power to certain attack combos, and sometimes they just straight up increase stats. Early on, when commanded to fire his bow, Atreus will launch three arrows in quick succession, followed by a long cooldown period during which you are left to fight alone. AS the name applies this difficulty is ideal for those who just want to play the game for its story and want to just go through gameplay easily. If you fill the Stun meter, you can grab them and kill them instantly (or, for tougher enemies, deal a lot of damage).

However, things get a little more tasty when you come up against another new enemy in the ice Draugr's, which look a lot like they're a precursor to White Walkers.

The new God of War has a lot more RPG elements than the older games. You have to actively walk a bit and get from point A to point B (albeit, much faster than you would if you actually traveled all the way there).

The God of War franchise has enjoyed its fair share of praise from players and publications alike. You see, Loki, the trickster god, saw an opportunity to cause some mischief. Now, this essentially means that you'll be able to play the entire game without coming across any loading screens.

Above the standard version of the game is the collector's edition from Game, which includes a large figurine of Kratos, but this is now out of stock.

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