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Android P to stop apps tracking and gathering data on users

Android P to stop apps tracking and gathering data on users

Google released the beta version of its next major smartphone OS, Android P, at I/O 2018.

Android P will also have new navigation changes that will make interacting and multitasking on your phone a more intuitive experience.

At its annual developers conference Google I/O in California, Google claimed that it is creating these new features to help users use their phone's OS "to do more by using it less". Users will be prompted with a list of app suggestions during initial setup to get them started on the right foot, pulling that list either from other Android TV devices they already use, or based on matching apps installed on their Android phones.

Another piece of good news is that iPhone X users who want to switch to an Android P device will find an operating system extremely familiar with the latest iOS.

Android P is going to bring a ton of new features to the OS, but as any mature mobile OS, most of the features will be little tweaks and under the hood improvements.

The new powerful Assistant can now distinguish between two sentences that are joined by "and" and can reply with two different query-specific answers in one go.

You may think that some of the features like like clearing the background tasks or running apps have been removed it but they are still there, they have just been changed a little by Google.

It gives you an overview of the amount of time you spent on your phone with proper breakdown.

One of the features that Google is offering its Android users is access to Google Lens. All you have to do is hit tab to keep auto-completing. Head over to this link to download and install Android P beta on your device.

Nevertheless, AI will reportedly help improve the battery performance in Android P.

Gone is Android's horizontal swipe-to-close app recent apps page, and in comes its new vertical layout.

Google Duplex, now under development, is the company's attempt to enhance its voice recognition technology, with the end goal of creating a virtual assistant that is able to have natural conversations with humans. That means you are limited to media (like music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc) and messaging apps. It provides information on the apps that users mostly use throughout the day, the number of times they unlocked their handsets and the notifications they have received.

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