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There's a Science Behind Whether You Hear "Yanny" vs "Laurel"

There's a Science Behind Whether You Hear

A four-second audio clip posted on Twitter has everyone buzzing.

'The chipmunk should sound like laurel and the bear should be yanny separately, ' he continued.

To try to find out what is going on here, I emailed neurobiologist Nina Kraus, who runs Brainvolts, the auditory neuroscience laboratory at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

But because the internet is a fickle and cruel beast, within the span of 24 hours, Yanny /Laurel went from being the talk of online to beyond exhausted. Well, the answer is very simple: an audio track was posted to a blogger's Instagram story with a voice repeating a single word. When I presented it to a patient with hearing loss, he didn't hear either. Spoiler alert: It's probably laurel. Additionally, older adults tend to start losing their higher frequency hearing, which explains why some kids heard Yanny.

Your equipment (speakers, sound device, etc.) has a lot to do with it, as well. The consonants in the two words - r, l, and n - all have a frequency of about 500 hertz, she said. My first listen was on my phone's speaker, so I checked again with my more bass-friendly headphones and still heard both, and now I am cursed to live forever in internet limbo, belonging nowhere. He discovered at a lower pitch, he hears Yanny while at a higher pitch it says Laurel. Congrats to Team Laurel. The other group would bet their firstborn the voice was saying "Laurel".

What do you hear? Once you are trained to hear a sound, you're more easily able to hear that sound. But there is one other crucial factor in what your brain is telling you: sound quality.

The clip contains two visual prompts in addition to the audio.

What does hearing either word say about my hearing?

Celebs got in on the action too, including Ellen DeGeneres, who heard "Laurel".

But also, our brains could be influencing what we heard in the clip.

. Is it like a high pitched squeaky kind of sound?' she asked.

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