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Wynne continues to campaign hard despite predicting loss in Ontario election

Wynne continues to campaign hard despite predicting loss in Ontario election

"It's hard because I know there are Liberals who believe in us", she said.

"They are anxious about a majority NDP government, and they want to know what it would mean to cast their vote for Liberal and what I'm saying is, 'Yeah, it looks like I'm not going to be the premier".

True progressives must unite around the New Democrats this Thursday and I am disappointed that Wynne is trying to set herself up as the power behind the throne in a minority government. "Because, as I've said many times before - it's not about me".

The more Liberal MPPs we send to Queen's Park on June 7th, the less likely it becomes that either Doug Ford or the NDP will be able to form a majority government.

But NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said Sunday that she would not accept help from the Liberals to prop up an NDP government.

"They have seen the results of our 15 years of government with more jobs, a stronger economy and investments in mental health, hospitals and schools, but they simply don't like her".

On Friday, Wynne stuck to her defensive pitch - that she would still make the best leader - saying people need to be "very careful" in deciding who would be best at building the province.

"On the one end of the spectrum, you have Doug Ford - he's expressed his admiration for Donald Trump, despite the chaos, the uncertainty that the Trump administration has caused Ontario", Wynne said. She warned about what an NDP or Progressive Conservative majority government would bring, and pitched votes for the Liberals as a way to keep either of those parties in check. This is a man who has defended candidates who speak ill of others - who smear people due to their religion or gender or sexual orientation.

"That's going to sort itself out - people are going to make that decision ... it's going to be one or the other and let's make sure there are enough Liberals there that there isn't a blank cheque - that there's a check on a majority government".

PC Leader Doug Ford was my choice at the beginning but he has changed a lot.

Should the New Democrats win office after the June 7 election, Ms. Horwath said she would call for an all-party committee to look into the situation.

"It is hard to hear that", said Ottawa-Centre candidate Yasir Naqvi, who heard about the comments on a conference call only a short time before Wynne went public.

"It's not going to be a Liberal government", she told reporters in Toronto.

"Our steel and aluminum industries have just been slapped with steep tariffs by the U.S. Workers in these industries are under attack".

"So I think electorally, it's strategic, but as a leader of a party, I actually think it's really selfless".

At this point Liberals have to ask themselves: do I ever bother voting for my party if my leader has basically given up the fight?

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