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Prince George, Cousin Savannah Phillips Outshine Royals At Queen's Birthday Parade

George, 4, and Charlotte, 3, were seen hamming it up as their father, Prince William, played in the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy on Sunday.

As Prince George clambered up a hill to join her and the rest of the family, she shoved him down the hill just as he reached them and he went tumbling down before being reprimanded by her mother.

Savannah, George and Charlotte are clearly firm friends, so we'll expect to see more cute cousin moments from them in the future.

The three-year-old appeared to be having the time of her life at the event, rolling around in the grass and running about with older brother George, in the way that all kids do.

Should little George been given a more "peaceful" toy to play with or is this all a big noise over nothing?

Prince George kept Kate entertained.

Princess Charlotte performed gymnastics barefoot during the polo match.

While sitting on the sidelines at the polo match, Princess Charlotte resourcefully used the grassy landscape to practice her headstands and show off some tumbling moves.

George also spent a good portion of time playing with a giant rainbow-coloured slinky, and chasing his younger sister around.

But while many criticized the fact that the little prince was allowed to play with a plastic gun, the debate has been ongoing as others have risen to the defense of children playing with such toys.

George was no doubt delighted to be reunited with his cousin Savannah, who on Saturday was pictured cheekily covering his mouth with her hand as they watched the Red Arrows flypast from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

The incident brought back memories of the 2016 Trooping the Colour when William, 36, was scolded by Queen Elizabeth to stand up. The Duchess, who gave birth to Prince Louis just seven weeks ago, looked sensational in her casual blue striped midi dress.

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