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Transgender Arizona woman says CVS pharmacist refused to fill prescription

Transgender Arizona woman says CVS pharmacist refused to fill prescription

A CVS pharmacist was sacked this week after he refused to refill a transgender woman's prescription.

"On a recent day in April, I left my doctor's office elated".

CVS has fired a pharmacist who refused to fill the prescription of a transgender woman seeking hormone medication and has apologized for the incident. In an article posted to ACLU's website Thursday, Hall wrote about how she was at the point where she would soon start seeing her body reflect her gender identity.

Hilde Hall wrote a blog post on Thursday for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) describing how a CVS pharmacist in Fountain Hills, Ariz., refused to fill her prescription for hormone therapy in April.

"My family supports me, fortunately, and helped me work through the anger and humiliation this experience caused", she wrote. "He just kept asking, loudly and in front of other CVS staff and customers, why I was given the prescriptions".

"I almost started crying in the middle of the store", she recalled. I was carrying my first prescriptions for hormone therapy.

"After years of working to affirm my identity in a world where transgender people are questioned constantly about how well they know themselves, the pharmacist refused to fill one of the prescriptions needed to affirm my identity", she said. "I just froze and worked on holding back the tears", she wrote.

CVS pharmacist fired after refusing to fill transgender woman's hormone prescription | TheHill

Hall asked for her script back so she could get the prescription filled elsewhere, but the pharmacist refused, she said. But in a statement to CNN, the company said the pharmacist violated company policy and is no longer an employee.

The pharmacist violated CVS policies and "does not reflect our values or our commitment to inclusion, non-discrimination, and the delivery of outstanding patient care".

"We also apologize for not appropriately following up on Ms. Hall's original complaint to CVS, which was due to an unintentional oversight, " the company added in its statement. "Hilde said she was almost in tears by how the pharmacist was treating her, and no one should face that kind of judgment".

Companies often have individual policies to ensure customers are still served respectfully and efficiently. Hall says she wants CVS to apologize.

The statement said, "CVS Health extends its honest apologies to Ms. Hall for her experience at our pharmacy in Fountain Hills, Arizona last spring". My doctor ended up having to call the prescription into the local Walgreens, where the medication was filled without question. "But many other transgender people are not as fortunate as I am".

Hall said the pharmacist wouldn't return the prescription note. Hall told her doctor's office about the situation with CVS and the office staff reached out to the pharmacy. Trump now has plans to roll back a policy that protects transgender and non-binary people from discrimination in the health care industry. In a June statement, Walgreens said pharmacists are allowed to not fill a prescription based on moral objections but they must give it to another pharmacist to fill.

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